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Network Automation

Problem Statement

A rapidly growing Silicon Valley startup, focussed on using AI/ML techniques for Network Observability and Monitoring, was looking for ways to leverage open source network automation solutions for expanding the use cases for their AI/ML stack. The client lacked industry expertise in this area and this proved to be a bottleneck for new customer acquisition. A slowdown in acuiring new customers had a direct impact on their ability to raise additional funding.


We brought in leading industry experts from our team, who advised the client on innovative ways to incorporate open source products into their existing observability pipeline. They also designed powerful automation solutions focussed on streamlining their existing workflows for new clients. The client was able to secure new customers on the basis of the automation solutions provided to them and was able to scale rapidly in a nimble manner. They were able to leverage the industry experts to fine tune their product portfolio, which led to them securing a multi million dollar Series A funding round from top VC firms in Silicon Valley.



growth in their value based on the latest funding round