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Resource Augmentation

Problem Statement

We worked closely with a rapidly growing healthtech startup disrupting the space of patient care transition. The client did not have enough engineering resources internally nor did they have the bandwidth to hire and build a team to keep up with their rapid growth needs. They needed to innovate and quickly rollout critical features to maintain their rapid growth and preserve customer trust in their product. The complex platform required skilled engineers who could ramp up relatively quickly. The client did not have any testing and automation expertise internally and needed to automate their testing mechanisms in order to efficiently scale with their growing number of clients.


We brought in our highly skilled team of frontend and backend developers along with versatile and seasoned project management. Our team quickly ramped up on the client's software code base and business drivers and were able to start contributing to their sprint work after only one week of ramp up time. The client's engineering delivery output increased from an avergae of 38 points per sprint to 75 points per sprint resulting in 2X delivery speed. We also brought in our QA testing and automation expert, who was able to assess the clients internal system and recommend a testing automation strategy. The QA engineer was able to implement the automation frameworks and scripts needed to successfully test crucial business workflows during new fearure rollouts. This enabled the client to roll out critical customer-facing features ahead of their schedule without compromising on any of the critical bug fixes and improvements, resulting in a win for their customers.

on average, in the delivery speed of projects

ramp up time compared to hiring new employees

in average cost of hiring employees