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Technology Consulting

Problem Statement

Our client lacked the presence of a dedicated technologist, and subsequent technology team in the firm which resulted in multiple third party products being integrated within their ecosystem without a full understanding of the implementation requirements. They faced an issue wherein their chosen software vendors did not offer any integration services resulting in a poorly executed technology ecosystem. Our clients lack of a technology team also impacted their ability to test integrations on pat servers before taking it to production. Further, a lack of org wide buy-in to their chosen softwares resulted in wastage of financial resources and a broken sales and customer support process which further impeded their ability to match their growing ambitions.


Our team, led by our Sr. Software Engineer/ Tech Architect, managed to fully breakdown the entire lead-to-sale-to-cx support cycle and map out the key requirements for each client team in the sales process. We brought in our UX Engineer to further breakdown the best case processes for each client team, drawing out how we can use existing software to streamline the entire process for our clients organization. With the assistance of our Sr. PHP Engineers, our team provided a top level architecture map for the clients ecosystem, along with recommended integrations that would ensure there is no unneccessary wastage of financial resources and also created opportunities for potential saves through a better streamlining of the organizations processes with the help of technology.




via software tieup


Setup of support tech team to assist with sales pipeline process efficients (as the client expands in two major regions)