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Building a better website

Problem Statement

The heart of any NGO is to provide their services to the needy and be able to create an environment where they can uplift the community. Unfortunately, their ability to do this, heavily relies on their ability to fundraise. With the advent of Covid, our client found their regular means of reaching out to benefactors severely impeded, and were therefore solely relying on their website’s ability to guide donors through the website to their donations page. Our client found their existing donor base, and potentially new donors, dropping off their website with very low conversion rates. They came to us to provide them with a better website user experience and interface, and an easy to understand donation flow.


Contrary to our usual client base, we knew that an NGO would require extremely customized solutions as their goals and target audiences are very different. Our user experience team sat down with the client to understand their target audience, and the long term goals of the client keeping in mind a world where Covid had not only made it difficult for them to receive donations, but also made their services to the needy even more important. Our team worked with the client to design a clean and simple website, with neutral tones, an easy navigation bar and a simple to follow donation process. By integrating with an existing payment partner, we were able to provide a secure payment flow at an extremely low cost for the client.



increase in website


average time
spent by users

The client saw an uptick in donations, and reached a stage where it has recently joined hands with another large US-based NGO to expand on their services.